This will show a list of the tools I used for stripping an MX5 and then building the Healy. This is from the garage builder not from someone with a workshop and extensive tool selection.

Sockets – 10, 12, 14, 15, 17, 19, 21, 24,29 and 32mm. These could be ordinary, but the 17, 19, 29 and 32 could be high impact for the tougher nuts and bolts. A 19mm double depth socket is also required. All sockets ought to be minimum of 1/2″ drive.

6 and 12″ socket extension.

Combination spanners – 10, 12 14, 15, 17, 19 and 21mm. I used ratchet ring spanner for personal convenience.

Small and medium cross point screwdriver

Small, medium and large flat blade screwdriver.

Pliers – long nose and sidecutter  (bullnose)

Breaker bar. I used an 18″ bar

Impact driver

Knife – Stanley, scalpel and/or good sharp version.

Crowbar or similar bar

Drip tray

Oil can or plenty of WD40

Several fuel cans

Engineers Hammer (large ballpeen)

Lump hammer

For the strip and refurbishment  of parts I have included:-


Reuse of some of the bolts to remove parts and force out other bits.

Wire brush

Files – flat, round and watchmakers

Emery paper

Rotary machine and wire and sanding attachments.

Metric tap and die set.

Etch primer and require top coat paint.

Pin punch.


Brake pipe benders, various for differing jobs.

Brake pipe straightener.

Brake pipe flare kit.

Low and medium range torque wrenches.

Welding equipment.

Drill bit sharpener

lots of various drill bits in multiple sizes



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